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Original Blood
16 May 2011

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14 May 2011

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27 September 2010

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A Hammer Of Water
31 May 2010

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13 May 2010

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Crane Shot
23 April 2010

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Police and the Baby
11 April 2010

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4 February 2010

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Arian Mall
31 January 2010

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30 January 2010

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27 January 2010

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23 January 2010

Recent Comments

Amerlina on Khalife
manzooram 5 ta setare bood, hamin :)

Amerlina on Khalife

Amerlina on Struggle
siavash portre hat alian !

barbod on Khalife
very nice

Jason Politte on Golestan
Wow, what gorgeous landscape! All those peaks and valleys are amazing.

iren on Group
يك عكس پر از شخصيت و پرتره..به درد داستان نوشتن مي‌خوره..

Lara on Akhal
horses are wonderful creatures.

Curly on Tablecloth
Strangely, this appears to have a lot more impact with the sky cropped away.

Curly on Curve
A good frame filling composition.

Olivier on Sunset
An divine light for this beautiful vieuw...

Gérard Beullac on Sunset
Really cool. The brightnes is very realistic.

Aubélia on Sunset
So beautiful. Nice lighting in this picture.

Ehlehminee on Sunset
Beautiful scene! The lighting and tones bring a peaceful warmth into this image. Very Nicely done!

Tomek on Sahra
Beautiful composition and treatment.

Shaahin Bahremand on Sleepy Beauty
حرف نداره . واقعا عالی شده . آفرین

B. Thomas on Sleepy Beauty
Looks like a laughing cat. Did you tell him a joke? Nice action capture.

Curly on Sleepy Beauty
Whoa......steady there tiger!

Jojigirl on Sleepy Beauty
great timing! and the pic seems to have a wintry mood.

felfel on Merinous
ey jaaaaaaaaaaaaaanam, khoshgele man! manam doosesh daram in pishiye maloos o akhmoo ro

shaahin on Merinous
Ghashang az aab dar oomade

Rosa Frei - Photo Emotions on Upset
Excellent image!

Katalog Stron on Merinous
nice image,great compo,bravo

روژانو on Merinous
اوه اوه اوه اینو ببیـــــــن عجب چیزیه پدر سوخته چه لمی داده مث ...

@Look on Merinous
Funny and so sweet ! Kind regards Jean

alex centrella on Location
very well caught...nice shot !

Greys on Grey on Location
nicely done!

Sonia Nansid on Location
Amazing scene and processing.

Garfield on Hamidsmile
Wow, what a creative use of the dark background on such a large scale, and then the person so clear from a cool ...

Franz on Look Room
wonderful and expressive portrait! great clarity and contrasts!

Curly on Look Room
Good strong portrait, I like how you have placed him and allowed him lots of space to stare into.

k@ on Look Room
Superb presence, portrait & aspiration (to the Light)

Raihaneh on Lost In Media
kashki in pato yekam kajtar gozashte boodi..vali axe khoobi shode..rasti chera hameye rooznameha niaz mandie?:D

azin on Blue Sky
what a nice pic, i love it

alex centrella on Under Rain
Nice Work !

ali on Effervescence
عالی.. حس بارونی خیلی خوبی داره:)

S H E R I on Hamidreza
Bravo! great portrait and light.... so natural !

Sina Sohi on Upset
Nice shot

Behdad on Requescat in Pace
Nice. Good job.

S H E R I on Upset
great shot! great contrast!

Gábor Rádi on Vincent
like an impressionist painting! cool dude!

marci on Vincent
beautiful - like a watercolor painting!

morteza on Vertigo
che akse jalebi shode... makhsosan rangasho dost darammmm :D

ursulakatariina on Blue Sky
This is like a postcard. Simple and beautiful.

morteza on Invitation To Beheading II
che axe jalebi shodee.... eyyyval

behdad on Merinous
من یکم با این موجود مشکل دارم ولی در هر صورت عکس جالب است

Jessica on Merinoos
this is a great shot :)

behdad on The Girl Next Door III
سیاوش جان یاد نگاه های خودم افتادم شماره 3 از شماره 1 جذابتر شد ...

Gina on Merinoos
What a cute face!Lovely cat.5*

MARIANA on Invitation To Beheading
Very cool compo . Has a story !

k@ on Invitation To Beheading
A very nice compo in those dreamy soft tones & light

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